Theme defined lines

The idea of the phasing costume didn't come out of nowhere, when i first pondered about keeping or ditching the cape, i could only remember the jokes about caped heroes being killed by entanglement... Fortunately this guy's powers enable him to phase through stuff, completely removing the unpractical side of wearing obtrusive clothing.

With the idea of a phasing costume in mind, i envisioned something layered, something that allows for several looks without the need of changing. But what about the lines? Well i simply continued using the diamond icon but not as a shape but as a suggested shape in the diagonal pointed cut of the wardrobe.

I really liked the cape flowing from the diamond on the chest, unfortunately i didn't like the restrained angles it could provide me when i followed the shape. But since my shape was now 3D, it had interior angles that i could work with. I knew that i was walking the good path once i noticed my icon along with my layered cape lines made a graphic representation of  light refraction, hinting to the different spectrum's of his body density.

The overall crystal theme is to me very fitting to the character, for they are the hardest structures we find in nature yet their transparency cue to the ethereal, the optic illusion, the vision.