Scheming the color

Especially for super heroes, who use their iconography in order to be easily recognized against a sea of other people in tights, keeping to the color scheme seems to be a good idea. The trick i would give is to take the colors and play with them. You can darken, lighten, change the color balance to have various color schemes without having to use other colors.

I love this design because the original character has 3 colors, red-green yellow, which i could easily apply to each of the elements of my design: the body, the crystals and the suit.

I liked the white look they gave him somewhere in the 90's, but i wanted to keep the red face look too. I decided then to make the suit completely yellow but diluted with lots of white. The face i made darker with some black for more contrast and finally only green was left for the crystals, a more vivid version of it.

The color research (medium) pushed the concept (message) further. The dark red tint fits the burnt human torch body history of the character. Sand colored suit and veils/cape give the character a desert look that just screams Genie. Funny enough Djins are reputed to be smokeless flame (human torch), living in another frequency or reality (phasing) that often serve unwillingly a master (Ultron) and, in more popular beliefs, can be trapped in a lamp or a gem. This coincidence in theme works wonders to the overall concept, it also dissociates the character form his DC homologue the Martian Man-hunter who's theme is alien from space.

The overall mirage, djinn themes invoke The Vision.