Second in lines: Tigra!

This character is pretty unknown to most people but in Project Rooftop, a site dedicated specifically to costume redesigns by talented pens everywhere, someone did throw the challenge to ditch the bikini she always wears for something more like a superhero costume. The real design concern is that the character is covered in fur, and therefore has little need for clothing, in fact it could lead to overheating in battle. After some thought, the solution was clear: make a bikini more like a costume!

The whole idea was to change her look to become more feline without going through some mutation of her body. What was missing from her black bikini? Contrast. I designed her costume so it  would look like the belly of a tiger, the back is fully opened with only some black stripes to hold the thing in place.

I added sap gloves and designed sap shoes because she is a brawler and she needs to have all her claws available. It also brings the cat paw effect without having to resort to changing anatomy.

The overall is topped with shorter hair and some whites, given she is a mature woman and mom now, and long hair is bad in hand to hand combat.

I find it a perfect example where theme and utility must meet in order to make the whole work: this is the basis of everything Design.